Local Network

Saskatchewan Indigenous Mentorship Network (SK-IMN)

Our local network is made up of a team of Principle Investigators (P.I.s), who sit on our Advisory Committee, along with student, Elder, and institutional representatives. We also work with institutions throughout the province to connect students studying elsewhere to our network and mentorship activities happening within Saskatchewan and elsewhere.

National Networks

University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia 

Charlotte Loppie, Lead P.I.

Maria Shallard, Network Coordinator

University of Calgary
Calgary, AB

Cheryl Barnabe, Lead P.I. 

Thomas Mandrick Snow, Network Coordinator

University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB

Josée Lavoie, Lead P.I.

Anna Huard, Network Coordinator/PIKE Net

Western University
London, ON

Chantelle Richmond, Lead P.I.

Elana Nightingale, Network Coordinator

Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS
        Memorial University
        St. John's, NL

Dr. Debbie Martin, Lead P.I. 

Iona Worden-Driscoll, Coordintator


Ombaashi Network - Thompson Rivers University

Dr. Rod McCormick & Sereana Naepi

The International/National network will provide international Indigenous outreach and opportunities beyond our borders, including online workshops in Indigenous healing, and workshops in Indigenous health research. The objective is to provide trainees and new investigators with the chance to learn about traditional healing knowledge and medicine, and to obtain guidance and support from traditional healers and knowledge keepers worldwide. A feature of the Ombaashi project will be the annual congress bringing together all eight branches of the Program. 

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Our Funders

CIHR - Institute for Aboriginal Peoples' Health

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Annual Reports