February 22, 2022 - From Dr. Caroline Tait
I would like to announce that the Saskatchewan Indigenous Mentorship Network program funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research has now reached the end of its funding and will fold under the umbrella of the SK-Network for Environments of Indigenous Health Research (SK-NEIHR). We will no longer be using the name SK-IMN however, the SK-NEIHR will continue to support Indigenous students, postdoctoral fellows, and new investigators. Our awards program will continue for Indigenous students however we are still sorting out what types of awards we will be providing to students under the SK-NEIHR.
I would like to thank Allison Piche for her work with the SK-IMN. I would also like to thank members of the SK-IMN who served on committees and our staff who helped to support the Network, including Fleur Macqueen Smith and Rhonda Taillon. At the annual Indigenous student gathering in June 2022, we will have an in-person celebration of the SK-IMN and we will be producing a final report outlining the accomplishments of the SK-IMN and the students, postdoctoral fellows, and new investigators we supported.
Caroline Tait, PhD
Principal Investigator, Saskatchewan Indigenous Mentorship Network
Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Saskatchewan

We are a team of 75+ university faculty, graduate students, and administrators who received a Canadian Institutes for Health Research Training Grant to develop a provincial-based Indigenous Mentorship Network Program (IMNP) to support Indigenous graduate students, post doctoral fellows and new investigators to be successful in their pursuit of careers in the fields of health and wellness, Indigenous studies and community-based research. 

From 2017 to 2022, we worked to create mentorship opportunities that address areas of need as identified by students and new investigators, and worked with students, faculty, administrators and the community to inform institutional change. 

With the end of the Saskatchewan Indigenous Mentorship Network, Indigenous student mentorship will be supported through the CIHR-funded Networks Envrionments for Indigenous Health Research (NEIHR) networks. This is a 15-year initiative launched in 2020. To learn more about the nātawihowin and mamawiikikayaahk Research and Mentorship Networks that make up the Saskatchewan NEIHR Network, please visit their website at skneihr.ca

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Housed at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, the Saskatchewan Indigenous Mentorship Network (SK-IMN) is located on Treaty Six Territory and the homeland of the Métis.