PICT offers established and emerging faculty worldwide the opportunity to teach collaboratively. Instructors who are interested in this opportunity propose courses that they have been assigned to teach in an upcoming term.  These proposals are posted to the website, to be considered by faculty elsewhere who will be teaching comparable courses. The faculty get in touch with each other and plan to offer a module or more of classes together.
This method of pedagogical collaboration is adaptable to an instructor’s existing plan for a course. In fact, instructors work from within their existing curricular, administrative, and institutional frameworks. Together they negotiate the optimal way for their courses to intersect so that the students at both locations learn from both of them (and from each other), as they engage critically with a question or issue with shared importance.
PICT comes into its own where contrasting methods or models are combined in order to provide complementary perspectives on complex problems or phenomena. By this means, students can gain a deeper understanding of the varying ways in which research and scholarship are conducted across regional, national and other boundaries. PICT offers a readily modified process of course-based knowledge discovery, where exchanges within or across disciplinary practices lead to increased experiential learning, student research, and real-world innovation.

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