Contacts - 2020/2021 LSA Council

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Gabriel Simons President

Picture of  Karim Ismail

Karim Ismail VP Internal Affairs

Picture of  Xaverie MacLennan

Xaverie MacLennan VP Administration

Tim Haggstrom VP External Affairs

Picture of  Gillian Harrington

Gillian Harrington VP Finance

Kayla Doderai VP Academic Affairs

Gabriel Sittler VP Athletics

Picture of  Mady Chauvet

Mady Chauvet VP Social Affairs

JC Steele VP Indigenous Relations

Kane Fritzler VP Student Wellness

TBD Chairperson

Will Hampton Publicity Director

Callan Kimber Logistics and Administration Director

TBD Family Representative

Evan Harvey USSU Council Representative

Picture of  Nicole Tryhorn

Nicole Tryhorn Canadian Bar Association Student Representative

Jessica Quan Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association Student Representative

TBD Community Outreach Coordinator

TBD Indigenous Relations Representative

Derek DeBolt Social Director

Julia Conlon Social Director

Dexter Bricker Men's Athletic Representative

Laura Robson Women's Athletic Representative

Tina Shaygan 3rd Year Class Representative

Mustafa Ghori 3rd Year Class Representative

Picture of  Brynn Achtymichuk

Brynn Achtymichuk 3rd Year Representative to Faculty Council

Manuel Dominguez Lizaga 2nd Year Class Representative

Cameron Christensen 2nd Year Class Representative

Walker Paterson 2nd Year Representative to Faculty Council

TBD 1st Year Section 1 Class Representative

TBD 1st Year Section 2 Class Representative

TBD 1st Year Representative to Faculty Council