Tournament Rules

  1. The intention of this tournament is to raise money for a worthy cause and for the enjoyment of the participants involved.
  2. All team captains will be notified of their first game time. All following game times will be posted at the tournament site.
  3. All teams must check in with the Official Timekeeper at the tournament site TEN MINUTES prior to game time.
  4. All teams must field a minimum of 6 (six) players by game time to avoid defaulting.
  5. All games will be refereed and players are expected to abide by the decisions of the referees.
  6. IMPORTANT: If any participant takes part in a fight, he/she will be ejected from the tournament and his/her team will be warned. Furthermore, if a warned team is involved in another fight, that team will be disqualified from the tournament. Use common sense and REMEMBER RULE #1.
  7. Games will be played in two 25 minute halves. If the score is tied at the end of regulation time, a shoot-out involving three players from each team to will be used to break the tie.
  8. Scores will be recorded by the referee and reported to the timekeeper at the end of each game.
  9. All alcohol is consumed at the bearers' own risk and the organizers will assume no liability for injuries of damages incurred as a result of participation in the tournament. To this effect, a waiver must be signed by all players in the tournament and returned before they are allowed to participate. The team captains will have the waiver.
  10. Players are responsible for their own stick and equipment. It is suggested that gloves be worn. 

Playing Rules

The High Voltage Classic Road Hockey Tournament is put on for the purpose of raising money for a chosen charity and for the enjoyment of all participants. Remember we are here to have FUN. The following is an outline of the rules under which you will be playing. These rules are here to make the tournament more enjoyable for all participants. We are playing straight time, therefore, the minor penalties shall be 3 minutes in duration and major penalties 5 minutes in duration. For a major penalty you must stay in the penalty box for 5 minutes even if the opposition scores.

    1. Body Contact
      This is a non-contact road hockey tournament. Body contact will be deemed a minor penalty.
    2. Slashing, Tripping, Cross-Checking, Roughing, Spearing, and Butt-Ending
    3. As in regular ice hockey, these are all no-no's.
      • Minor penalty - slashing, tripping, roughing and cross-checking, etc.
      • Major penalty - spearing, butt-ending, unnecessary/excessive body contact etc.
    1. Fighting
      • Any player involved in a fight will be EJECTED from the game and BARRED from further play in the tournament.
      • Any team that is involved in more than ONE fight will NOT be allowed to play in the remainder of the tournament and the game that they are presently playing will be FORFEITED. Unsportsmanlike Conduct and Delay of Game
      • Remember we are all here to have a good time, so be a good sport. If someone is being unsportsmanlike and/or delaying the game, a minor penalty may be assessed or, if it is near the end of a game, the referee may (at his/her discretion) award a penalty shot.
    2. High Sticking
      • Sticks must be kept below the shoulders at all times. If contact is made to an opponent, with a stick, at shoulder level, or above, a minor penalty will be assessed. If severe enough, the referee may assess a major penalty.
      • If the ball is contacted above the shoulders with the stick, the play will be stopped and the ball will be awarded to the opposing team as an out of bounds possession.
    3. Slap Shots
      • On a shot, the player's stick must NOT come above his/her waist. If the stick does come above the player's waist on a shot, a minor penalty shall be assessed.
      • If a goal is scored on the shot, the goal will be DISALLOWED.
    4. Minor Penalty
      • In the event of a minor penalty, the play shall be stopped and the ball awarded to the opposing team out of bounds (see out of bounds possession below)
      • If one player receives three minor penalties, he/she will be ejected from the game
    5. Major Penalty
      • In the event of a major penalty, the play shall be stopped and the player shall be temporarily or permanently removed from the game at the refere's discretion.
    6. Ejections
      • Any attempt to injure a player will result in immediate EJECTION from the game at the referee's discretion and possibly from the tournament at the Head Officials discretion.
      • If one player receives three minor penalties, he/she will be ejected from the game
    7. Hand Pass
      • A player cannot pass, bat, or throw the ball to a teammate with his/her hand(s). If such an infraction occurs, the play will be stopped and the ball will be awarded to the opposing team near the point of infraction but, out of bounds. The play will resume with an inbounds pass.
    8. Icing and Off Side
      • There is no such thing as icing or off side in road hockey. So, yes, you can cherry-pick all you want.
    9. Ball Out of Bounds
      • The play stops when the ball goes out of bounds. This occurs when the ball leaves the playable area bounded by the sidewalks (i.e. when the ball leaves the street).
      • Do not fight over the ball when it is out of bounds. The referee shall award the ball to the opponent of the last player who has caused the ball to go out of bounds
    10. Goal
      • A goal shall not count if resulting directly from an inbounds pass. The ball must have been under the control of at least one player for a goal to count following an inbounds pass.
      • As in regular ice hockey, a goal shall not count if it is directed into the net by any means other than with a hockey stick. This means that you cannot kick or bat the ball into the net.
      • A goal shall also be disallowed if the ball is hit into the net by a high stick. Specifically, if the ball is contacted with the stick above a player's shoulders, any goal that results will be disallowed.

Remember: The referee is out there to ensure that the game is fair for both teams and enjoyable for all participants. So let's all have FUN and be GOOD SPORTS.

Good Luck!