Charity Selection Criteria

How is the HVC Charity Selected?

In October or November each year the HVC council meets to select perspective charities. Each council member nominates 10 charities to be considered. Only the top 10-15 organizations nominated are contacted by the directors and asked to submit a formal proposal to the council.

The proposals are examined by the committee and the recipient is chosen according to the following criteria:

  • How the organization benefits Saskatoon and Saskatchewan
  • Levels and sources of funding
  • Ability to generate volunteers during the tournament
  • Ability to assist the committee in the solicitation of prizes and publicity
  • Other ways in which the organization can aid in the success of the HVC 

The HVC Committee, with regard to the charity selection, is bound by Article 12: Special Regulations of the Constitution of IEEE Student Branch at the University of Saskatchewan and states the following:


There are special regulations, which determine which charities are considered acceptable for the High Voltage Classic Road Hockey Tournament. Acceptable charities follow these restrictions:

  • The charity must be either a local charity, or a national or international organization with a local chapter, which will benefit our province of Saskatchewan.
  • The same charity must not be chosen in successive years.
  • Effort should be made to ensure same charity is not chosen in successive years, unless an alternate charity cannot be found.
  • The charities selected should not be terminating due to completion of a specific project.
  • The charities selected must not be of sexist, racist, libelous or homophobic nature.


The High Voltage Classic Committee will choose the recipient charity through a vote of simple majority. In the event of a tie, the Branch Chair has the deciding vote.