33rd Annual IEEE High Voltage Classic Fundraiser

The High Voltage Classic (HVC) is a 32 Hour Charity Road Hockey Tournament presented by the University of Saskatchewan Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Branch. The IEEE is the largest international technical society in the world. It includes over 380,000 individual members in 150 different countries.


The tournament consists of a maximum of 64 teams, with 6-12 people per team (minimum participant age is 18). Depending on how many teams are registered, either 2 or 3 rinks will be created on the street with construction fencing. Teams bring their own hockey equipment. Food and drinks are available to purchase at HVC, as well there will be a beer gardens available late afternoons and Saturday evening.

Every year the event runs for 32 hours on a weekend in March from Saturday morning non-stop until late Sunday afternoon. Usually we get decent weather, but some years it does get cold. This is where we provide a tent and heaters to keep everyone warm between games. Every year the tournament takes place directly in front of City Hall, on the 300 block of 23rd Street East in Saskatoon.

The goal of HVC is to raise money for charity and to put on a great tournament. To register, there is a team fee of $100 (which covers our expenses), which much be paid in order to be a part of HVC. We also require each team to fundraise a minimum of $250 for the charity. After registration, the team can download pledge sheets (part of the registration package) to give to each member of the team. There will be prizes for individuals who raise the most amount, and well as for teams that collectively raise the most. Tax receipts will be provided by the charity.

The 33rd Annual HVC will take place on March 10th and 11th, 2018.